BANOR SICAV – Euro Bond Absolute Return is a Sicav incorporated in Luxembourg. The Fund actively invests in credit instruments with a focus on OECD countries - such as bonds and convertible bonds selected on a fundamental basis, and other instruments - such as mutual funds and ETFs - that invest in credit-related securities without limitation in duration and rating. The objective of the fund is income generation and medium-long term growth with a medium to low annualized volatility and a low correlation to other asset classes. The fund has a very broad mandate, allowing the managers to seek and invest the best opportunities in the fixed income markets globally. This opportunistic approach gives the fund the possibility to deliver positive returns across interest rates and economic cycles. The managers' investment approach emphasizes the preservation of capital. The managers try to minimize risk through a value based approach to fixed income investing, coupled with portfolio diversification and hedging techniques. Interest rate and currency risks are kept to a minimum.

BANOR SICAV – Euro Bond Absolute Return was selected in the Bond Diversification category as published on "The 300 Best Funds" released by CFS Rating, 2018 edition. (*)

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